Pain, Ants, and Personal Growth

Atom Ant is a cartoon figure and superhero created by Hanna-Barbera back in 1965. Yes, I do remember watching it.  If you have never heard of Atom Ant or want a 44 second flashback here is the intro video clip for Atom Ant.

What can Atom Ant teach us?

No doubt children ran around the neighborhood inspired by Atom…

Pain Tolerance & Personal Growth

Growing pains are often experienced by children and teenagers, supposedly when they are growing fast. According to the Mayo Clinic website…

Growing pains tend to affect both legs and occur at night. In many instances, growing pains will wake a child from sleep. The term “growing pains” may be a misnomer because there’s no evidence that growth hurts.

While there may be “no evidence that growth…

Help Getting UNstuck

In 1971, NBC television brought Columbo (Peter Faulk) into our living rooms. I love the guy. 

As a Police Lieutenant, Columbo is this shabbily-dressed, seemingly slow-witted police detective.  His style is disarming as he fumbles around in an overly polite manner.  Of course this makes him an unlikely choice to solve any crime, let alone a complex murder.

Whether it is put on or his brilliance, disguised…

Character, Gratitude, and Performance

What happens when you let someone in on the secret of your gratitude?

The senior leadership team of the hospital had invited me to participate in a one day retreat.  The CEO and his team were getting away from the hospital for time to re-group.

Yes, there was a bit of tension.  I was invited to facilitate a leadership development session. Trust had become an issue. On top of that,…

Procrastination: The Power of Two Words

Perhaps you started this conversation with me last week. We continue looking at the power of these two words: “what” and “if”.

Remember, power provides us the ability, strength, and capacity to do something; to take action.

A question is simply a request for information, when properly framed it will help us stop and explore for truth. The power of a question comes from the truthfulness of the answer. 

Truth Brings Freedom