Three Voices that Affect Your Results

The Wall Street Journal headline announces “U.S. Productivity Falls 1.9% in First Quarter.” What if your personal productivity made the headlines, how would it read?

There is a battle associated with your ability to work efficiently and enjoy life harmony. There are three voices that influence your thinking about the work you do each day.

  • The Voice of Illusion
  • The Voice of Deception
  • The Voice…
  • Get Your Wasted Time Back

    Okay, I admit it, I’m not a fan of Daylight Saving Time. I wish our clocks could be left alone, aligned with high noon.

    There’s little evidence DST achieves its primary goal of energy savings.  According to the Lost Hour costs the American economy $434 million in lost production and medical expenses. Regardless, we continue this costly practice.

    Research shows that workers…

    Why You Don’t Show Up On-Time

    “We need to be on the road by 9:00 a.m.,” Rita reminded me. It was Father’s Day so we planned a trip to Southeast Kansas.

    Grabbing a few extra minutes, we sat on the patio sipping Sumatra coffee. With our recent schedule we soaked up the moment.

    The spring flowers danced pink, yellow, purple, and shades of green throughout our backyard paradise. Japanese Koi glided through the crystal clear…

    Do you have the NEW work-life balance?

    JobPro’s management team slunk into the room for Thursday’s meeting. Two weeks of 60+ hour work weeks had stolen their engagement.  Most crash-landed in their chairs, some with a sigh. Dave just stood, staring across the room, instead of starting the meeting.  No wonder productivity had dipped.

    “You gonna start this so we can get out of here or what?” Marlene snarled

    “I’m gettin’ there.  Needed a…

    How to contribute to your disengagement

    Christina’s work eats an unhealthy portion of her life.  The past 20 years she intensely pursued her career. More recently she carried a heavy load with a start-up of epic proportion.

    The cost? It’s taken a toll on her relationships and leadership … yes, conflict and unnecessary stress. The demand and pace squeeze out self-limiting behaviors that have minimized trust, disengaged the team, and created…