Five Essentials to Experience Your Change

Today, you awaken to a day in which you have the power to make and inspire change.Steve Marboli

We are hosting a mini-family reunion in a couple of weeks. We are also in the middle of an overdue remodeling our upstairs bathroom. There’s just no easy way to get from here to there when it comes to such a project.

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Leaders Release Control – Part 2

Why control the impulse to “control”?

Last week, while group coaching a local doctor’s office staff, the subject of “control” came up.  During the coaching, we were exploring how behavior puts people in a “box” when I made the statement, “Control is an illusion”. 

One individual strongly questioned the statement.  It appears we prefer the illusion, at a cost; perhaps it is associated with seeking “power”.

When it comes to “control”,…

Leaders Release Control

How do leaders control their use of control?

Few people have the ability to throw a small round object over 6o feet within a defined 17-inch wide space somewhere between an individual’s knees and chest.  The ability to place a pitch precisely in the strike zone earns professional baseball pitchers sizable contracts.

The tricky part of the “strike zone” is that it changes with each batter.  There is no “automatic” strike zone…

The Secret to Personal Productivity-Part III

What supports you doing what matters most?

It was an re-connecting coaching conversation with Brian, his coaching engagement ended last year.  Staying in touch with my clients is an important and rewarding aspect of my work as an executive coach.

We discussed personal productivity and the internal voices that seek to influence his decision-making. How the voices seek to influence his thinking about time and the use of time.  That…