Perceptions, Reality, and Now What…?

When was the last time you said, “Perception is reality”?

Have you ever had someone report an incorrect interpretation of what you said or did? Then, as you try to explain the facts and fill in the “truth gap” they flippantly say, “Perception is reality!” 

When we develop an attitude or understanding based solely on what is observed or thought that is our perception.  Perceptions are not always reality when reality…

Responsibility – A Lesson from the World’s Coffeehouse

How does taking responsibility lead to success? 

In the current Harvard Business Review interview Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame spoke of his return as CEO.  The article “We Had to Own the Mistakes” by Adi Ignatius begins:

By the time Howard Schultz stepped down as chief executive of Starbucks, in 2000, the coffee chain was one of the world’s most recognizable brands—and on a steady trajectory of growth. Eight…