Character, Gratitude, and Performance

What happens when you let someone in on the secret of your gratitude?

The senior leadership team of the hospital had invited me to participate in a one day retreat.  The CEO and his team were getting away from the hospital for time to re-group.

Yes, there was a bit of tension.  I was invited to facilitate a leadership development session. Trust had become an issue. On top of that,…

What’s the Business of Business?

This executive coaching client is a rising star in his company. 

Working in a Fortune 100 company with 300,000 employees, Jonathan (not his real name) has consistently received high performance marks and has for 12 years.  He is acknowledged for adding value to the company and consistently promoted from entry level to a senior manager role. 

With each promotion he received the standard 5% pay increase.

Recently, his boss was…

Core Business Training

What six character-related traits do successful people cultivate?


The business of successful people is character.

Last week I suggested there are three, broad areas that successful people master:

  • Competence – the ability to do something well; skills, aptitude, know-how, talent, expertise in a field or profession
  • Relationships – the connection with others that allows effective partnering or informal partnerships that are mutually beneficial
  • Character – the…
  • Character and Leadership Success

    How does character affect your success?

    If the business of business is people, then the business of successful people is character.

    As The People Developer, my passion is to help people gain a greater understanding of —

    • who they are
    • the truth of the story
    • their desired outcomes, and
    • current reality 

    Supporting a person along the path toward greater freedom and performance improvement is very fulfilling.

    The successful…