Why Settle for Insanity?

My test results came back.

According to this “Nerd Test online quiz”, I’m not insane or better yet, I’m sane! But what do I do with the results summary statement? “You are very sane. A little too sane.”  Full disclosure, I’m 26% insane, along with the other 2% that scored the same.

Insane leadership?

German-born American Physicist, Albert Einstein put his mind to work defining insanity as…

Three Voices that Affect Your Results

The Wall Street Journal headline announces “U.S. Productivity Falls 1.9% in First Quarter.” What if your personal productivity made the headlines, how would it read?

There is a battle associated with your ability to work efficiently and enjoy life harmony. There are three voices that influence your thinking about the work you do each day.

  • The Voice of Illusion
  • The Voice of Deception
  • The Voice…