What’s Got You Frustrated?

“By anyone’s standard I was a success,” said Barbara Corcoran.

Perhaps you know Corcoran as one of the “sharks” on Shark Tank.  The American reality television series allowing entrepreneurs to sell their business idea and get funding for their startup. The sharks are potential investors.

“But I knew I was going bankrupt,” she continued. “And you know what I did – I went out and took a full-time…

What’s Your Mountain?


“I guess I just feel it,” Emily Harrington said, “I feel like it’s close. I wake up in the morning and I’m anxious. I go to bed at night, and I’m thinking about it. And I start obsessing over it, I’m thinking too much, I’m caring too much. When in reality, it’s just a rock climb.”

Emily Harrington is a professional rock climber and adventurer who has been…

The Right Question to Ask When It’s Not Fair

“Hi, Steve.” the text message began. “I’m in the hospital. Emergency gall bladder surgery tonight, 2-week recovery. Sure, why not? So won’t see u Sunday.”

It’s true, Robert has a lot going on in his Story. Significant challenges, “life’s not fair” stuff. He didn’t sign up for this. And now, another uninvited, unexpected, and unwanted event. “Sure, why not?”

Can you identify with his frustration? Feel the “Why…

Why You Might Not Get There

Kite Lake beckoned us on Thursday morning.  We headed north out of FairPlay, Colorado.  U.S. Highway 285 towards Breckenridge. Then we turned west out of Alma onto Buckskin Gulch Road.

The first 3 miles was gravel. From Paris Mill to Kite Lake was 3 miles of “unimproved road.” Good thing we’d gotten that Jeep upgrade.

A couple of miles short we stopped. These mountain road ruts were deep. I…

When Will You?

By the time you receive this, I’ll be returning from a trip to the mountains. That’s right, I’m creating space.

For Rita and I, it’s borderline “past due.”

But, it’s happening. Flights are booked and a rental car reserved.

The mountain house sits at an elevation of 10,000 feet on 4 acres, 4 miles outside the small town of Fair Play, Colorado, west of Colorado Springs.

It’s a spacious place…